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ant control near me - ant exterminator

One ant, two ants, three ants… pretty soon, you have a colony. And why not? They love your home or place of business just as much as you do. The frequent dry, warm days of Southern California can especially drive ants indoors. They enjoy the nice air conditioning. Most likely, they will head straight to your kitchen or dining area. This is a popular place for them to hang out, try new foods, and get a cold drink.

As it turns out, ants like to eat lots of the same things you do. They tend to have a particular affinity for sugary foods like syrup, fruit, honey, and fats and meats.

Additionally, ants love moist places. They may also seek out your house plants as they love to lay their eggs in the nutrient-rich soil.

Beyond being an annoyance, though, ants can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Most dangerous is that they can contaminate your food supply and food-handling areas. Crushing ants may leave disgusting residue behind on floors and countertops as well. This is just one of the many reasons for enlisting professional help to deal with your ant problem.

Some ants, like Velvety Tree Ants and Carpenter Ants, love to gnaw at the wood. They are creating a pile of sawdust to build their nests. With a nest, the sheer number of ants that will gang up on you makes them particularly dangerous. No doubt, this can result in a tremendous amount of structural damage to your property. Ants love being social, and they love living in large colonies with one another. This explains how one ant, two ants, three ants can suddenly become hundreds or thousands. This leads to a huge ant problem. 

Of course, the worst aspect of pesky ants is when they bite or sting you. The notorious stinging Red Fire Ants are a menace to Southern California. They will attack you, your family, and even your beloved pets. It's not only the Fire Ants you need to worry about, though. Two biting or stinging ants are common to California. They are the Velvety Tree Ants and Harvester Ants.

So, you think you have an ant problem? It's essential to seek out help from a qualified pest control company - as soon as possible. Call Moat Termite & Pest Control to have your property inspected. We can assess the best plan of action. Establishing a method of control and preventing further infestation needs to happen now. Don't let dangerous ants form new colonies and wreak havoc in your own home. One ant, two ants, three ants can turn into a colony.

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